repetitionrepetition/why do I/get out/I guess/I didn’t/something that sounds like stars/what if our perception wasn’t necessarily skewed/it was just our own tunnel vision?/but really it was just my perception/male abstract paintings/de-frame then (break them down) pin a cluster in it (dominate it)/intrusion/the opposite of seamless/ping/pong/back and forth/repetition/loop/when is the right moment for this/there is definitely a moment/somewhere in the ether there is a photo of me as a baby being held by a clown, surrounded by another 200 clowns/Undestroyed

I’m starting to choose colors because I like them

trying to be conscious, but still choose based on interest

thinking more about how the colors interact with each other, but I still choose because I like how they look

hard to make visual and music connection

harmony and chords and color and rhythms

it’s either simple or it is complicated

it still baffles me

black is awesome

there is never the same black

can never be recreated

which is just so B









I would like to have a black cat

I don’t want to think so hard about going to the store

I like people, though

traditional documentation is boring

non-gravity could be good if you just let it do what it does

more people should feel it, they would enjoy it